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Multidisciplinary artists

When the contemporary scene of performing arts,   constantly expanding its boundaries, how do we educate dancers / performers / pedagogues?

Performer Training is a interdisciplinary educational program, aiming to give the participants a wide range of tools, but also the time and space for a personal and artistic growth through research.


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In addition to performing, Tina Nasika has and academic backround in dance and theater studies and she is currently working as an educator and researcher.
She holds a Integrated Masters degree in Dramaturgy and Performance Analysis from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a Master's degree in Dance Research from the University of Paris 8, and a State Diploma as a classical and contemporary dance teacher from the Greek Ministry of Culture. Since April 2022 as a PhD candidate at the University of Peloponnese,  Department of Theater Studies, she is conducting research in the field of dance.

Based in Paris from 2014 until 2020 she taught at the professional education schools : Choreia, Faun Arts: Circus and Movements, ERD Micadanses and the studios Le Centre des Arts Vivants and Dansez Maintenant.
Between October 2020 and July 2022 she held a responsible position at the Higher Professional Dance School of the Municipality of Larissa (Greece).
As a freelancer, she gives workshops in France and in Greece in a regular base. 
Her research focuses on the broad movement of postmodernism and its expression through new artistic forms and pedagogical methods. Since December 2018 she develops the ¨Performer Training¨, an interdisciplinary pedagogical approach. 
She has participated as a presenter at: the 5th Colloquium for PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers, organized by the Department of Theater Studies, of the University of Peloponnese (September 2022), the Greek Association of Dance Professionals Conference ¨Towards a Public Dance University in Athens School of Fine Arts (June 2022), the International Conference  ̈Cut&Paste: Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity¨, organised by SDHS/CORD (July 2015), and at the 9th Conference in Theater Education: ̈Theater and Human Rights ̈  organised by University of Macedonia (February 2011).
In 2008, she was honoured with an excellence scholarship for an annual training program specialised in contemporary dance at EPSEdanse (Montpellier), offered by the principal dancer, Rudy Bryans and supported by the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation.
In 2001, she received the First Prize in the national competition for Eurovision Young Dancers and represented Greece in the 9th Eurovision Grand Prix, organised by the BBC at the Royal Opera House, London. 
She is a member of the International Dance Council CID - UNESCO and of the Dance Research Congress (CORD).

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Through a dialogue with space and time, we experience the possibilities of our body.
The class begins with a warm-up / physical preparation.

We take some time to realise the state of our body in the present moment and then we start moving consciously.  

Alternating different qualities and dynamics of the movement, we begin to cross the space.
Simple kinetic propositions starting on the ground, evolve gradually in a game between levels and directions.

Playing with gravity, the momentum and the different starting points of the movement we get to reach more complex choreographic phrases.

The class focuses in a technical work but also gives to the participants the opportunity to explore their personal kinetic vocabulary.


Ballet: The purpose of this class is to approach ballet as live organism, through a contemporary point of view.

Using the body as a tool, we will progressively bring consciousness into every part it, in order to gain control and achieve the maximum of expression within it.

Organically composed, the class promotes musicality, rapidity and expressiveness.

Repertoire: Through a variety of classical and neoclassical variations, we learn different choreographic languages, that allows a more precise work in terms of technique and expressiveness. Each class starts with a barre/warm up and then continues with the chosen variation.



This workshop is performing arts laboratory.

It emphasizes both on the physical and the mental/spiritual dimension of a performer-creator.
The development of the performer's consciousness and its ability to use all of his/her interpretative and creative tools, is the central axis of this educational approach.

It is a creative process in which one can continuously discover new possibilities combining movement with other performative means.

Open to dancers, comedians and circus artists (professionals and amateurs) in good physical condition.


My Yoga path begins back in 2010, when through practice I start to explore this philosophy and way of being.
Experiencing movement through dance since a really young age and studying the functionality of the body, I was interested to a more holistic approach of oneself.
I am giving classes in a weekly basis since 2012.
My class aims to stimulate and respectfully explore the physical and spiritual limits of each participant.
Working on the harmonisation of movement with breathing and learning to accept ourself as we grow, we develop flexibility,  strength and balance.

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